QV400 barcode validation system for 100% inspection of barcodes

QV400 Packaging Verification Unit

Inline 100% Barcode Inspection with Log File Creation, Web Server, Remote Control and Database Lookup.

QV400 Packaging Verification

The QV400 packaging verification system takes real-time inline inspection of barcodes and packaging to the next level. Offering multi-reader capabilities, database lookup, log file creation and full remote control and monitoring across a network.

With an industrial 7" colour touch screen display designed for manufacturing environments, the QV400 offers the same level of flexibility and control as a custom programmed PC based solution, but with more robust and reliable hardware and at a fraction of the cost.

Using the latest barcode reading technology, the QV400 compares every barcode to the currently stored 'Master' code and provides warnings and fault outputs in the event of a 'Wrong Read' or 'No Read'.

Operating at up to 400 products per minute, the QV400 shows production statistics and status both locally and across the network via it's built in web server, meaning anybody on the same network can view this information in a standard web browser.

The QV400 offers 100% barcode inspection with advanced control and logging features in a compact and affordable package.

Call or email to discuss your application in detail or if you have a more complex integrated barcode scanning requirement, see our fully integrated systems here.

Simple and Intuitive Control

  • The QV400 includes a 7" colour touch screen display that's clear and simple to use.
  • Housed in a rugged IP65 enclosure, the QV400 is suitable for all manufacturing environments.
  • Designed for use with a wide range of barcode readers offering 1D or 1D/2D capabilities depending on the reader chosen.
  • Three user access levels and the ability to setup multiple users offers advanced security and protection for critical functions.
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QV400 Barcode Validation

Immediate Fault Feedback

  • The QV400 identifies all 'Good Reads', 'Wrong Reads' and 'No Reads' and provides immediate feedback and fault outputs in the event of an error.
  • Fault outputs are typically linked to an external conveyor or packaging system in order to stop the line in the event of a fault.
  • The total number of barcodes scanned is automatically recorded and stored in a production log file at the end of the run.

Product Teach Function

  • Using the on-board non volatile memory, product details can be uploaded from Excel and stored in a product table to be selected by the operator at run time.
  • If product tables aren't required, the simple 'Touch Teach' function allows the operator to set the product using the first product scanned on the line.
  • The QV400 includes serial, Ethernet and USB interfaces meaning an attached hand held barcode scanner can also be used to 'Teach' the unit the new Master barcode.
QV400 Barcode Teach Function
QV400 Production Run Statistics

Production Run Statistics

  • The QV400 provides real-time production run statistics showing a total Run count along with the number of Good, Wrong and No Reads.
  • A optional preset counter allows the operator to enter the required number of products which once reached, will stop the line.
  • In addition to displaying these statistics at line side, this information can be viewed across the network via the built in web server.
Barcode Symbologies
All 1D and 2D Barcodes

Teach Code Methods
Product Lookup Table, One Touch, Keypad Entry, Handheld Scanner, Remote Control

Maximum Run Speed
400 products/minute

Stand Alone Operation
Yes or as part of a fully integrated system

Multi Reader Support
Yes - Up to 32 in a Single Synchronised Network

Remote Access Option
Yes - On-board Web Server (Read Only and Full Control Options)

Data Transfer Options
TCP/IP, USB, RS485, FTP, Web Server, VNC Server/Client

Operator Interface
7" Colour Touch Screen

Run Statistics
Good Reads, Wrong Reads, No Reads, Products/Min

Product Counter
Yes with Preset and Output on Completion

Password Protection
Yes - Three Levels

Relay Outputs
One Standard (Expandable to Four)

Fault Warning Beacon

Power Supply

Mounting Frame
Extruded Aluminium (40mm)