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At ScanSys UK we specialise in barcode verifiers, barcode validation and label print quality inspection systems. We have a broad range of experience and knowledge and offer standard or bespoke verification solutions covering all industries and application standards.

Our range of offline Barcode Verifiers from Microscan and Axicon represents the best in verification technology and includes desktop and handheld units ideal for sample grading. Our inline barcode verifiers offer 100% label inspection when used with thermal printers including full barcode verification to ISO standards, OCR/OCV validation and blemish detection.

With models capable of verifying 1D or 1D and 2D barcodes, these systems are GS1 certified and strictly comply with ISO/CEN/ANSI barcode quality and symbol specifications. In addition to providing print quality grading, the our barcode verifiers provide full data validation to all current application standards including the latest GS1 General Specifications, so you can be sure your barcodes always meet industry standards.

At ScanSys UK we have many years of experience in barcode verification so call or email us to discuss your requirements in detail. For more information on barcode standards, follow this link to the GS1 Website

Barcode Verification or Validation?

The terms Barcode Verification and Barcode Validation are often confused with the former often being used as a catch all term for any barcode checking process.

Our range of Barcode Verifiers below provide true barcode verification to ISO/IEC and ANSI standards whilst our QV range of Barcode Validation systems offer high speed inline checks of the data content within a barcode. Follow this link to learn more about our inline barcode validation units.

To learn more about the difference between Barcode Verification and Barcode Validation, follow this link.

whats the difference between barcode verification and validation

Axicon Barcode Verifiers

Axicon 6015 barcode verifier for small linear barcodes

The Axicon 6015 barcode verifier is able to verify small 1D barcodes (with a maximum width of 66mm including quiet zones) typically used on products scanned at point-of-sale or healthcare products scanned at the point-of-care.

Axicon 6515 barcode verifier

With a scan width of 125mm, the Axicon 6515 supports all common 1D barcode symbologies and is ideal for the grading of retail and outer case barcodes making it suitable for production and warehouse applications.

Axicon 7015 barcode verifier

The Axicon 7015 barcode verifier is designed for use with large 1D outer case and pallet label barcodes of up to 195mm wide including quiet zones, making it ideal for all production, logistics and warehouse requirements.

The Axicon 6025-S continuous scan barcode verifier

The continuous scan Axicon 6025-S barcode verifier is designed to verify small linear barcodes with a maximum width of 66mm including quiet zones. Multiple scans can be performed with the simple press of a single button.

Axicon 6525-S Barcode Verifier

Like it's smaller brother the 6025-S, the Axicon 6525-S barcode verifier uses continuous scan technology and is able to grade small to medium size linear barcodes with a maximum width of 125mm including quiet zones.

The Axicon 7025-S barcode verifier is ideal for warehouse and distribution application.

The Axicon 7025-S barcode verifier is the largest continuous scan barcode verifier from Axicon. With a maximum scan width of 195mm (including quiet zones), the Axicon 7025-S is ideal for use in general distribution environments.

Axicon PV-1072 portable barcode verifier

The Axicon PV-1072 barcode verifier is Axicon's simplest linear verifier and comes with an easy to use battery powered control unit making it completely portable and ideal for warehouse and production applications.

Omron Microscan Barcode Verifiers

LVS 9510 Barcode Verifier

The LVS 9510 desktop barcode verifier grades 1D and 2D barcodes to full ISO/ANSI/GS1 standards. Available with a field of view of up top 159mm, the 9510 is ideal for all offline barcode verification requirements.

LVS-9580 barcode verifier

The LVS 9580 handheld barcode verifier is available as a cost effective 1D only verifier or as a 1D/2D verifier capable of verifying all 1D and 2D barcode symbologies. Ideal for barcode grading in wide web print applications.

In-Line Barcode Verifiers

LVS7500 Label Inspection

The LVS 7500 label inspection system offers 100% in-line label inspection providing 1D/2D barcode verification, OCR/OCV text validation and blemish detection.