Fixed Barcode Readers


Robust and Reliable 1D and 2D Barcode Readers for Integration into Conveyor and Production Lines

Fixed Industrial Barcode Readers

The reliable automatic identification of products throughout the manufacturing and supply chain is of the utmost importance and ensures that products are successfully tracked and packaged.

The use of linear (1D) and increasingly two dimensional (2D) barcodes is the preferred method of identification and having robust and reliable barcode reading devices is essential if the automatic data capture process is to succeed.

At ScanSys UK we do more than simply provide off the shelf barcode scanners, we carry out full site surveys, discuss your requirements in detail and implement complete barcode reading solutions including on-site installation and training.

Offering a complete range of 1D and 2D barcode reading solutions, we believe the readers we integrate provide the best the industry has to offer and include cost effective 1D laser scanners for slow speed production lines right up to high speed 2D data capture devices for the most demanding of environments.

Call or email us to discuss your application in detail.

1D Barcode Scanners

Datalogic AL5010 Barcode Scanner

High performance industrial laser scanner ideal for high speed warehouse and picking applications and with the largest depth of field in it's class.

Datalogic DS1100 Barcode Scanner

Ultra-compact cost effective laser scanner with wide reading width at a short reading distance. Ideal for print & apply labelling systems.

Datalogic DS1500 Barcode Scanner

With compact dimensions and requiring only a 5vdc power supply, the DS1500 is ideal for integration into packaging and print equipment.

Datalogic DS2200 Barcode Scanner

The DS2200 is designed for integration into OEM equipment where compact dimensions and a high scan rate is required. A good depth of field provides scanning from 50mm to 220mm.

Datalogic DS2400N Barcode Scanner

The new DS2100N barcode scanner features a robust design, on-board Ethernet and programmable I/O. Ideal for conveyor mounted short range scanning applications.

Datalogic DS2400N Barcode Scanner

The new DS2400N barcode scanner features a robust design, on-board Ethernet and programmable I/O. Ideal for conveyor mounted mid range scanning applications.

Datalogic DS4800N Barcode Scanner

The DS4800 is a high performance laser scanner ideal for factory applications. Available in oscillating mirror and Subzero models, this unit has a mid to long read range of 200mm to 1000mm.

Datalogic DS6300 Barcode Scanner

Featuring new "2-step" optics and with an advanced decoder, the DS6300 provides read ranges up to 2000mm. Ideal for automated warehousing and pallet scanning.

Datalogic DS6400 Barcode Scanner

Featuring new "2-step" optics and with an advanced decoder, the DS6400 provides read ranges from 300mm to 2500mm. Ideal for fork truck reading applications.

Datalogic DS8110 Barcode Scanner

The new DS8110 uses Digital Signal Technology to provide outstanding depth of field and filed of view making it ideal for parcel sorting and baggage handling applications.

Datalogic DX8210 Barcode Scanner

With a unique design, the DX8210 offers omnidirectional barcode scanning so capable of reading codes in any orientation on a conveyor. Ideal for parcel sorting applications.

Datalogic DS8100A Barcode Scanner

The DS8100A industrial barcode reader is a high performance scanner designed to satisfy the needs of sorting applications in the transport & logistics and baggage handling.

2D Barcode Readers

Datalogic Matrix 120 Barcode Reader

The Matrix 120™ is the smallest high performance industrial 2D imager from Datalogic. It has embedded Ethernet and is ideal for integration into small spaces in any manufacturing environment.

Datalogic Matrix 210N Barcode Reader

The Matrix 210N™ offers extreme reading performance and integrated Ethernet in an ultra-compact housing. Ideal for conveyor mounted short range 1D/2D code reading applications.

Datalogic Matrix 300N Barcode Reader

The Matrix 300N™ is a compact image based barcode reader with multiple lens/lighting options. With a fast 1.3mp sensor the 300N is ideal for mid range 1D/2D applications.

Datalogic Matrix 410N Barcode Reader

Matrix 410N™ is equipped with a ultra-fast 2.0mp image sensor operating at 45fps. With multiple lens and internal/external lighting options, the 410N is ideal for mid to long range 1D/2D code reading.