pick list check system ensures all items are correct

Data Capture Solutions

Our bespoke factory and warehouse data capture systems provide a completely customised solution tailored to each individual application.

These systems generally include a single PLC/HMI control unit and then any number of hardware and software components such as barcode scanners, dimensioning and volumetric measuring units, conveyors and printers.

All of our solutions include secure web servers and remote control across a network, so anybody onsite with the correct security permissions can monitor and control the units remotely.

Below are examples of our solutions but call or email us to discuss your application in detail.

Warehouse Pick List Check

Our pick list check systems include a conveyor with fixed mount barcode scanners and allow the uploading of customer orders to our PLC control unit with 15.6” touch screen display.

The operators select the required sales order via the touch screen and then place the products onto the conveyor in any order.  If the products scanned aren’t included on the sales order, or if too many of a particular product is identified, the conveyor stops and a fault warning is displayed to the operator.

When all items on a pick list have been fulfilled the system prompts the operator to close out the order, generating a log file for use in existing quality assurance systems.

This solution generally employed at goods out, eliminates sales order errors and provides documented evidence reducing product recalls.

fully automatic checking of pick list and sales orders
fully automatic checking of pick list and sales orders
production scheduling and tracking through a manufacturing process

Production Scheduling and Tracking

Our production scheduling and tracking solutions include one or multiple data capture points throughout the manufacturing process and allow the tracking of products in real time.

Data capture can be fully automatic or manual with each capture point generally including a small touch screen display providing feedback to the operator and/or input options.  Each data capture point is networked allowing communication between them and web servers in each allow the remote monitoring and control at each point on the line.

Hardware inputs and outputs allow control of the production line and using a recipe based database, other production equipment can be set and controlled based on the product currently running.

Production scheduling and tracking