DM3610 Dimensioner


In-Motion Measurement of Length, Width and Height of Cuboidal and Irregular Shaped Objects

Ideal for Logistics and Sorting Applications

Datalogic DM3610 Dimensioner

Our fully integrated in-motion dimensioning systems are based around the latest DM3610 Dimensioner from Datalogic. This compact overhead unit automatically measures the length, width and height of cuboidal and irregular shaped objects as they travel along a conveyor line.

Utilising a visible red laser diode across the full width of the conveyor, this system is able to measure three dimensions to an accuracy of +/-5mm and is certified in Legal-For-Trade applications making it ideal for logistics and automated shipping applications.

Our dimensioning solutions are extremely flexible and suit a wide variety of applications. Call or email us to discuss your requirements in detail.

DM3610 Dimensioner

Single Head Configuration

In a single head configuration the DM3610 is ideal for the measurement of cuboidal objects positioned in any orientation and at irregular intervals on a conveyor belt. The measured data can be used to provide solid state outputs to divert packages on the conveyor and can be transmitted via RS232 and Ethernet to host software systems.

Multi-Head Configuration

In a multi-head configuration the DM3610 provides in-motion dimensioning of both cuboidal and irregular objects making it perfect for a wide variety of spatial management applications.

DM3610 Dimensioner


Fully Integrated Solution

As a system integrator we're able to provide complete systems including conveyors, barcode readers and software integration and we work closely with check weighing partners to offer a complete measurement, weighing and tracking solution.

Features and Benefits

  • Measure both cuboidal and irregular shaped objects
  • Accuracy of +/-5mm
  • Exclusive 'Find-Belt' functionality enables single button setup and plug-and-play operation
  • Simple parameter backup and upload simplifies field replacement


  • Courier, express and parcel (CEP)
  • Revenue recovery
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Carton size verification
  • AS/RS space allocation
  • Trailer load planning
  • Automated manifesting systems

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