MX-E vision processor

MX-E Vision Processor

High Performance GigE Vision Inspection Processor

State-of-the-art Processing Power and Multi-Camera Support

MX-E Vision Processor

The new MX-E series of GigE vision processors powered by IMPACT software deliver outstanding computing power and unmatched application flexibility.

Compared to the previous MX vision processor generation, the MX-E vision processors are up to 25% faster and extend camera support to the new E100 Series GigE cameras.

The MX-E series offer three processor models, two or four GigE camera ports and two digital I/O options, resulting in ten possible hardware configurations.

Powered by the IMPACT software suite, the MX-E vision processors offers over 120 inspection tools and 50 user interface controls providing the ultimate vision inspection solution.

MX-E Series Hardware

  • Rugged, industrial, high-powered machine vision inspection processors.
  • Ethernet (GigE Vision) connectivity and multi-camera support with extensive hardware and software interfaces.
  • Three models with different performance levels resulting in ten different hardware configurations.
  • The MX-E vision processor supports a wide range of cameras, including the high-speed CMOS E100 series cameras.
  • Ideal for complex and high speed vision inspection applications in Automotive, Electronics and Food & Beverage manufacturing.

MX-E Vision Inspection Processor

Impact Software

  • With over 120 inspection tools, IMPACT Software Suite provides a fully featured vision inspection system for all machine vision applications.
  • With 50 user interface controls, IMPACT allows the development of unique inspection programs and user interfaces quickly and easily.
  • The Vision Program Manager (VPM) provides hundreds of image processing and analysis functions including tools to enhance images, locate features, measure objects and read text (OCR) and 1D/2D barcodes.
  • Control Program Manager (CPM) simplifies the development of operator interfaces and allows the deployment of multiple control panels for intuitive operator interaction.

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Image Filtering
  • Average Filter
  • Binary Image Filter
  • Colour Pixel Filter
  • Edge Enhancement
  • Gaussian Filter
  • Image Math
  • Light Levelling
  • Median Filter
  • Morphology Filters
  • Linear Morphology Filters
  • 1D/2D Barcode Readers
  • OCR
  • Character Control Match
Feature Finding
  • Average Gradient
  • Average Intensity
  • Blob
  • Blob Filter
  • Circle Gauge
  • Colour Blob
  • Colour Checker
  • Contrast
  • Contrast – Multiple ROI
  • Edge Point Find
  • Line Find
  • Pattern Sorting
  • Spot Find
  • Wide Edge Point Find
  • Basic Scripting
  • Counters
  • Pass Fail
  • Switch
  • String Builder
  • Data Instance
  • Data Set
  • Delay
  • Event Scheduler
  • List Loop
  • List Sorter
  • Multiple Branch
Flaw Detection
  • Blob
  • Bump Find
  • Colour Blob
  • Contrast
  • Contrast – Multiple ROI
  • Extreme Difference
  • Greyscale Template
  • Polygon Smoothing
Locating Tools
  • Blob
  • Circle Gauge
  • Circular Pattern Find
  • Line Find
  • Origin
  • Pinpoint Pattern Find
  • Angle
  • Circle Edge Refinement
  • Circle Gauge
  • Line Find
  • Line Gauge
  • Line Gauge - Dual ROI
  • Linear Regression
  • Midpoint
  • Multiple Point to Point Measurements
  • Peak Valley Find
  • Point to Line Measurement
  • Point to Point Measurement
  • Subpixel Edge Extractor
  • Discrete Input
  • Discrete Output
  • EtherNet/IP Explicit Data
  • EtherNet/IP Explicit Message
  • EtherNet/IP Write Implicit
  • Profinet I/O Read
  • Profinet I/O Write
  • Serial Port Out
  • TCP/IP Port Out
  • Image Archiving