Label print quality inspection

Print Quality Inspection and Data Validation Systems

We offer a variety of bespoke and off-the-shelf label inspection systems offering 100% label inspection for in-line use with thermal label printers, or offline use with reel to reel rewind units.

The LVS 75xx range from Omron Microscan provides 100% print quality inspection including full barcode verification on 1D and 2D barcodes, OCR and OCV text inspection and blemish detection to identify general print quality defects.

In addition to print quality inspection, the LVS-75xx range also provides data validation including duplication and data integrity checks on both text and barcode fields. This makes the systems ideal for serialisation and data capture applications as the data in each field is checked and stored in automatically generated run reports.

Microscan Barcode Verifiers

LVS Barcode Verifiers

Omron print quality inspection

LVS-7500 Label Inspection System

The LVS-7500 label inspection system from Omron Microscan incorporates a 400dpi line scan camera to provide 100% in-line print quality label inspection and completely automated and traceable quality control. Available with a 138mm wide or 216mm wide Read Head and supplied with a robust external stand-alone frame, the LVS-7500 is compatible with any label printer that has an external interface port.

LVS 7500 label inspection system with full barcode verification to ISO standards

LVS-7510 with Zebra ZT610 Printer

The LVS-7510 with Zebra printer provides all of the same features and benefits as the LVS-7500, but integrated into a Zebra ZT610 printer. This makes for an extremely compact unit that doesn't need an external rewinder and provides on demand or last-label-out operation.

LVS-7510 label inspection with Zebra ZT610 printer

Printronix ODV-1D Barcode Validator

The Online Data Validator (ODV) from Printronix provides 100% inspection of 1D barcodes as the label is printed. This unique system automatically strikes out and reprints the label in the event of a faulty barcode, allowing completely unattended operation with the piece of mind that every barcode meets the required standard.

Printronix ODV-1D Validator with T8000 printer

At ScanSys UK we have years of experience in barcode verification and label inspection so call or email us to discuss your requirements in detail.

For more information on barcode standards, follow this link to the GS1 Website.