barcode validation for checking of barcode data content

Barcode Validation

Barcode validation is the process of confirming that the data content within a barcode is correct.

Unlike full verification, barcode validation doesn't grade the print quality of a barcode to ISO/IEC or ANSI standards, however it is just as important.

The whole point of applying a barcode to a product or shipping case for instance is to identify those items through the use of automatic data capture equipment. If the data encoded within a barcode is incorrect then this data capture operation fails resulting in misplaced shipments, costly repackaging and in some cases, renders the items unusable.

Retailers are increasingly imposing heavy fines on suppliers who use incorrect packaging, making barcode validation a vital part of any manufacturing and packaging process.

High Speed Inline Solutions

At ScanSys UK we provide a range of barcode validation units, usually for integration into packaging and conveyor lines. Our systems provide 100% packaging verification by reading the barcodes passing the scanner and identifying all 'Good', 'Wrong' and 'No Reads'.

In the event of an error we highlight this to an operator and provide outputs to stop the conveyor or packaging line, preventing the products entering the supply chain.

Our validation systems provide robust barcode checks with flexible configuration options and in most cases are the fraction of the cost of a single product recall.

100% inline barcode verification

QV410 Packaging Verification Unit

The QV410 is our latest packaging verification system and adds a range of production analysis tools to the basic barcode validation package whilst still offering an extremely cost effective solution. With the ability to store product databases, create production log files and offering real-time monitoring and remote control across a network, the QV410 takes barcode validation to the next level.

  • Large 7" colour touch screen display.
  • All 1D and 2D barcode symbologies supported.
  • High speed operation up to 600 products per/min.
  • 'Teach' new master barcodes via a product database, remote control or simple one touch operation.
  • Real-time statistics shown both locally and across the network.
  • Automatic best before and use by date calculation in GS1-128 barcodes.
  • Log files and reports generated automatically.

At ScanSys UK we have years of experience in barcode verification and label inspection so call or email us to discuss your requirements in detail.

For more information on barcode standards, follow this link to the GS1 Website.