thermal printer ribbon for industrial applications

Printer Ribbon

Choosing the right thermal printer ribbon for your printer make and model, and as importantly for your base label substrate, is a key element in achieving good print quality.

There are three basic ribbon types. Wax ribbon used for paper labels and particularly suited for logistics applications. Combination Wax/Resin ribbons give enhanced scratch resistance and can be used with paper and synthetic labels. Finally there's full Resin ribbon for use with synthetic and care materials which offers extremely good durability and in many cases, good chemical resistance also.

Within these three basic grades there are hundreds of variations from a number of manufacturers that are suited to particular applications, label substrates and printhead technologies. If you have the wrong combination your print quality and durability will suffer, so at ScanSys we review your requirements in detail in order to specify the most suitable and cost effective product for your needs. In many cases we'll perform trials onsite in order to find the perfect combination.

With years of experience our approach is to work with our customers to offer the most cost effective but capable solution for each individual application.

Call or email us to discuss your requirements in detail.

Ribbon Options

  • Wax, Wax/Resin and full Resin grades available for all printer makes and models.
  • Printers with 'Flat Head' and 'Near Edge' printheads are catered for.
  • Standard sizes range from 40mm to 220mm wide and from 74m to 900m long.
  • Bespoke sizes can be manufactured on request.
  • Next day delivery available on many sizes.

thermal printer ribbon for industrial applications