QV200 barcode validation system for 100% inspection of barcodes

QV200 Barcode Validation Unit

Cost Effective In-Line Barcode Validation System Offering 100% Inspection of all 1D and 2D Barcodes

QV200 Barcode Validation System

The QV200 barcode validation system provides high speed 100% inline inspection and validation of all 1D and 2D barcodes in an extremely compact and cost effective package. It's ideal for on-line and on-conveyor barcode checks and ensures every product is labelled correctly.

Using the latest in barcode reading and control technology, the QV200 compares every barcode to the currently stored 'Master' code and provides warnings and fault outputs in the event of a 'Wrong Read' or 'No Read'. The 4.3” colour touchscreen display provides intuitive operator control and includes real-time run statistics and simple ‘Touch Teach’ functionality for the setup of new master codes.

Operating at up to 250 products per minute, the QV200 logs all ’Good Reads’, ‘Wrong Reads’ and ’No Reads’ and provides operator warnings and outputs based on a configurable number of consecutive faults.

The QV200 ensures every product barcode is readable, present and correct.

Call or email to discuss your application in detail or if you have a more complex integrated barcode scanning requirement, see our fully integrated systems here.

High Speed Barcode Validation

  • The QV200 is able to inspect barcodes at up to 250 per minute.
  • Designed for use with a wide range of barcode readers offering 1D or 1D/2D capabilities depending on the reader chosen.
  • The QV200 identifies and logs all 'Good Reads', 'Wrong Reads' and 'No Reads' and provides immediate feedback and fault outputs in the event of an error.
  • Housed in a rugged IP65 enclosure, the QV200 is suitable for all manufacturing environments.
QV200 barcode validation system for 100% inspection of barcodes

Simple to use Touch Screen Display

  • The QV200 touch screen display offer real-time run analysis including products/minute and preset counter.
  • Three levels of password protection allow access to basic and advanced functionality. For basic operation, this password can be disabled by an administrator.
  • The operator interface allows the 'Teaching' of a new master barcode by a simple one touch operation or via the onscreen keypad.
  • An advanced password protected setup screen allows the configuration of in depth machine settings without the use of special programming tools.

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Barcode Symbologies
All 1D and 2D Barcodes

Teach Code Methods
One Touch and Keypad Entry

Maximum Run Speed
250 products/minute

Stand Alone Operation

Operator Interface
4.3" Colour Touch Screen

Run Statistics
Good Reads, Wrong Reads, No Reads, Products/Min

Product Counter
Yes with Preset and Output on Completion

Password Protection
Yes - Three Levels

Relay Outputs
One Standard (Expandable to Four)

Fault Warning Beacon

Power Supply

Mounting Frame
Extruded Aluminium (40mm)